Giving Securities

A gift of securities is often the simplest way to make a significant gift to support Beacon's mission. Not only will you be giving hope to our patients, you can also enjoy some significant tax benefits.

Whether you are considering a gift of stock, bonds or mutual funds, we are committed to a secure transfer and gift experience. 

Please use this page as a guide on how to transfer securities to Beacon and Beacon's policies on receipt and gift valuation.

How to Make a Gift of Securities

Before you make a gift of securities, please contact Memorial Health Foundation to inform us of your plans. We would like to know which stock, bond or mutual fund you plan on transferring, in what amount and to which department you would like the money transferred. Ensuring a fast, smooth transaction and recognition for your gift is important to us, and prior knowledge helps us identify and use your gift in a timely manner.

DTC Transfer

Beacon can accept both stock and mutual fund gifts through a DTC transfer. To make a securities gift to Beacon using a DTC, please give the following instructions to your bank or broker:

Broker: Merrill Lynch
Account Name: Memorial Health Foundation
Account No.: 620-04A14
DTC Code: 5198

Please include your name and address in any transfer to ensure accuracy in recognizing you for your gift. If you or your bank has any questions about how to complete the transaction, please contact the Foundation office. For more detailed information on how the transaction is handled, please contact:

Candy Raven
Reg Senior Client Associate
Kahn Associates Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
100 N Michigan Street, Suite 500
South Bend, IN 46601
(574) 282-3610

International Wiring Instructions

ABA: 043000261 Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh, PA
Swift Code: MELNUS3P
Merrill Lynch Acct Number: 1011730
Account Name: Memorial Health Foundation
Account Number: 620-04A14

Gift Valuation Policies

This section outlines how we will value your gift to Memorial Health Foundation for both tax and recognition purposes. This short guide will not cover all instances, but for all gifts of securities, we will be in contact with you throughout the gift process to ensure clear communication and correct valuation.

Valuation Method

All gifts of stock will be valued by averaging the high and low stock prices as of the gift date. The value of bonds will be the average of the bid and ask prices as of the gift date. Mutual fund gifts will be valued using the Net Asset Value for the fund as of the gift date.

The gift date for all types of electronic securities gifts refers to the date on which funds are received by our Merrill Lynch account. For securities gifts that are physically delivered to Memorial, the gift date will be either the postmarked date (if mailed) or the date on which the securities are turned over to staff (if hand-delivered).

Securities Gift Acknowledgement Policies

As soon as Beacon confirms the deposit of securities into our Merrill Lynch account and matches this deposit to a donor, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you to inform you which securities were received, on what date they were received and the total value of the gift using the above valuation criteria. We will also be in touch with you to arrange for a lunch, a hospital tour or even just a conversation to thank you in person and discuss your philanthropic goals for Memorial.

Tax Benefits of a Securities Gift

A gift of securities is often a simpler and more beneficial way to make a significant gift to Beacon than cash. In fact, with a gift of securities, you qualify for several tax benefits.

  • Gift Valuation: In most cases, you can deduct the market value of your donated securities, regardless of what you paid for them. This can lead to significant tax savings in the case of appreciated securities.
  • Capital Gains Tax: If you donate your securities to Beacon, you can avoid any capital gains tax associated with appreciated securities.