Your Guide to Supporting Beacon

Your wishes and intentions are our highest priority. We want you to have the most meaningful giving experience possible while accomplishing all of your philanthropic goals. Please use the following as a short guide to matching your personal goals to the best type of gift for you. If you have any questions about this guide or the various types of gifts offered by Memorial Health Foundation, please Contact Us.


Make a quick and easy gift

Give cash online, by mail, over the phone or in person

An immediate impact on Beacon's mission and an income tax deduction now

Secure a fixed income while avoiding market volatility

Establish a charitable gift annuity

Tax benefits and often a higher rate of return than from existing assets

Defer a gift until after your lifetime

Include a bequest of cash, property or percentage of the residue in your will

A tax deduction for your estate and the ability to retain assets in your lifetime

Benefit Memorial with little cost, while also maximizing your heirs' inheritance

Leave all assets to your family, but name Memorial Health Foundation as the beneficiary on your life insurance

Reduced taxes for your heirs

Avoid capital gains tax

Transfer appreciated stock or certain bonds held over one year to Memorial Health Foundation

An income tax deduction and avoidance of capital gains tax

Share the beauty of a personal item or collection

Donate personal property related to Beacon's mission

An immediate charitable deduction based on the Fair Market Value of the donation

Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of real estate

Give all or a percentage of the property to Memorial Health Foundation

An income tax deduction, plus the elimination of capital gains tax

Live in your home while also creating a charitable gift from its value

Give all or a percentage of your residence to Beacon while retaining life use

A charitable deduction and a reduction of the appraised value of the home

Create a hedge against inflation over the long term

Establish a charitable remainder unitrust

A variable income stream for life and tax benefits

Reduce gift and estate taxes your children and grandchildren may have to pay

Create a charitable lead trust that pays income to Beacon for a specified term

A gift or estate tax deduction and protection of assets and appreciation for later use by your heirs