Spiritual Care at Memorial Epworth Center

Emotional and spiritual healing is a vital part of healing of any kind. At Memorial, we realize that healing the spirit is just as important as healing the injury or illness. 

In 2011, Memorial assumed responsibility for the inpatient psychiatric needs in our community and opened the Memorial Epworth Center, serving children, adolescents and adults. As our health system continues to grow, our Chaplains (Barbara Wilson, Titus Matemavi, Teunisje Velthuizen, and Father Richard Laurick, CSC) have found it increasingly difficult to provide the attention and care that every one of our patients deserves. We need your help to ensure that we are able to provide both 1-on-1 visits and Sunday worship experiences for every single one of our patients who would like to participate.

What our Chaplains do for our patients is beyond measure.  Memorial’s Chaplains care for patients' spirits and emotions, and are committed to providing compassionate spiritual care to all of the patients, as well as to their family and friends. Our Chaplains truly serve on the front lines, side by side with our physicians, nurses, and therapists.

Imagine losing your child at 8 months of pregnancy, as did one young couple at Memorial. Would you be able to face this unimaginable situation alone?

Please, consider making a gift to ensure that Memorial Epworth Center as well as the entire Health System is staffed by caring, compassionate healers and spiritual caregivers.

Please, give what you can.