You are our greatest asset. When you make a gift to Beacon Health System, we pledge to:

  • Honor your wishes. All gifts designated for a specific department, unit or service are spent under the guidelines you have set and within an appropriate timeframe. If for any reason, this becomes impossible, we will communicate with you to discuss alternate options for your gift.
  • Say thank you. Individuals, corporations, foundations and others who make a gift to Memorial will receive personal, written letter of appreciation, in a timely manner.
  • Keep your confidence. We will hold your stated wishes regarding anonymity and other levels of public disclosure in the strictest confidence. Any public recognition will be discussed with you in advance.
  • Keep you posted. Whenever possible, and especially with endowment gifts, annual reports will be given donors to detail the impact of their gifts on the lives of our patients, families and staff.

We consider your contribution an investment into our mission and our community. We promise to treat that investment with the same level of care and concern that Beacon shows each one of its patients.

To see how you can give to Beacon, as well as how Beacon determines the value of certain types of gifts, please see our Ways to Give section.